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My name is George Paun and I started training in the Art of Shotokan Karate Do back in 2000, when I was only 13 years old. I originally started blogging about the Way of Karate Do back in 2013 when I moved from Romania to USA after receiving a full time job as an Instructor at a Dojo in New York City. However, after two years my Karate Journey had a slight change of direction and I moved back to Romania. I decided to keep the blog in order to write about my daily classes (both teaching and training), in order to help my old students stay in touch with my me, but also the share my perspective about Karate Do with everyone. For me martial arts are a way of life and my goal will always be continues perfection of character through rigorous physical training, no matter I’m speaking about teaching or self training. While I teach, I like my students not only to execute beautiful techniques but also to understand and follow the principles of Karate Do. I like to think that our job as Instructors is not only to teach physical aspects, but also to help out students become strong individuals with strong moral qualities. And help them grow to be positive examples for the society. Also, we, as instructors, must always give our best to teach the right way as the future of Karate lies in our hands. Our students may be tomorrows Senseis and we must make sure that the art of Karate Do keeps growing.

When it comes to Sport Karate, I’m not to enthusiastic about it. This is manly because to me it seems that is destructing real Karate. Although, to be honest, I did compete in the past being ranked second in Kumite Youth Division (18 – 21 years old) at the SKDUN World Championship in Voujeaucourt, France, 2008, I think Sport Karate is just a minor part (and that is what should always be) of what Karate really is. I do agree that Sport Karate can be fun from time to time and that it may give you short term goals, but one should never forget that the ultimate aim of Shotokan Karate Do lies neither in victory or defeat but in the continues perfection of character. Right now I’m a Sandan and my goal for the future to test for my Yondan with a Japanese Instructor. Maybe I will even get the chance to be someone from the JKA. In the mean time time I will keep training and writing, hoping that through this site I will not only share my knowledge or learn new things, but also gain new friends in the wonderful world of Karate

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  • Alistair Rae 4 years ago Reply

    Hi George. Nice blog and lots of interesting stuff. I noticed that you are in Romania. Which area? I am Scottish, although I work in Kuwait, My house is in Bulgaria, about 30 Km from the Romanian border, on the black sea. I spend the summers there, and train locally. I will probably visit Romania during July or August and would like to visit your dojo and do some training if possible. I practice traditional Shotokan Karate the Sensei Kase way and also follow the Way of Sensei Hiroshi Shirai.
    You are already on my facebook group(kosmatshotlandets)
    I am a member of the Kase Ha Instructors academy and Kuwait Shotokan Academy


    George Paun 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Alistair. Thank you a lot for your nice feedback. I’m from Bucharest. I don’t have my own Dojo anymore right now, although I’m working on it. I will definitely like to meet up with and do some training if things work up well with my Dojo.

  • George Paun 4 years ago Reply

    Thank you very much!

  • MauroZRigano 4 years ago Reply

    Maybe you have thought about including a little bit more than just your content?
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    imagine if you added some terrific photos
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    George Paun 4 years ago Reply

    Thank you, Sir! I will take your suggestion in consideration.

  • samuel 3 years ago Reply

    i’m samuel and i’m interested in karate and i would like to join you.pls can i join i’m a Ghanaian and i live at kumasi-oforikrom

    George Paun 3 years ago Reply

    I will like to have you as my student, but unfortunately we leave miles away from each other. However, I wish you all the best in your Karate Journey. OSS!!

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