Naka Tatsuya Shihan Gassuku

Naka Tatsuya Shihan

Naka Tatsuya Shihan – One of the most well known Karate instructors from the JKA Hombu Dojo, with seminars all over the world and star in the popular movie Karate Obi. I was looking forward to train under him for several years but never got the change. Up until this year, when the first Gassuku with Naka Shihan was held in Romania (my country) in the beautiful city of Brasov.

The seminar was held on 13th ,14th and 15 May, with a total of 4 classes (much to less if you ask someone like me who enjoyed every minute of that seminar).  The first class was focused on basic techniques and correct hip movement along with proper distribution over the 3 vertical lines of the body, Chushinjiku (I know some instructors separate the body in 5 or even more sections, but during the seminar we only focused on those 3 lines). We ended up the class with Heian Shodan and some application for the Kata.

The rest of the classes were focused on Kata and Kata application covering all the five Heians, Basai Dai and Jion. Alongside application, Naka Tatsuya Shihan emphasized proper distribution of body weight when transitioning from on stance to another along with how important is to keep the line of the body up until the very last in order to generate more Kime.

Also, difference between sport Karate and Budo Karate was highly discussed over the period of the seminar, with different ways of execution being show and explained (especially Kata) for better understating of traditional Karate, highlighting the correct way for real life situations.

Overall it was a very good seminar, full with great information and plenty of technical details, and I just can’t to train under him again. I hope this was just the first Gassuku with him in Romania, and that he will return many times in the future.

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